Grounding Meditation 

"Flying starts from the sky, the more grounded you are the higher you fly." - J. R. Rim

"He is so grounded." "You need to get grounded." "Her energy is very grounding." 

What does it mean to be grounded? Well to me it means and feels like many things. And it has been (and still is) a constant practice for me. I'm a gemini, dancer, artist, healer, and have a lot of "air" in my astrological chart. Not to mention intuitive. I spent so much of my life in my upper chakras and not so much on the grounding lower ones. 

Being grounded, to me, means being rooted in. It means being supported and nourished by Mother Earth, while consciously allowing the energy flow between myself and the Earth beneath my feet. It is a constant practice "rooting" in. I always walk my clients through this simple grounding practice before every healing session and before most meditations. It can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to complete. Allow the process and length of time unfold accordingly. 

Grounding Meditation

Find yourself in a comfortable position, wherever you are.

You can be laying down or sitting upright, whichever feels good to you.

Gently close your eyes.

Allow your breathing to soften, without controlling it.

Feel the weight of your hips on the floor, 

Feel the weight of your body against the floor.

Imagine nourishing and grounding Earth energy flowing up from the center of the Earth,

through the ground beneath you.

Visualize this nourishing energy (whatever color you first see) beginning to flow through the soles of your feet,

This grounding and nourishing energy flows up to your ankles, your shins, your knees,

Moving into your thighs, grounding and nourishing your hips, deep into your abdomen,

This grounding Earth energy moving into your chest, your shoulders, down your arms, reaching your palms and your fingertips.

Imagine this energy flowing up your neck, into your face and all the way up to the crown of your head.

Feel the constant flow and connection with the Earth beneath you, 

Allowing the nourishing and grounding energy and essence to fill your body and anchor you in. 


When you feel you are rooted and feel "in your body," allow yourself to gently open your eyes and come back, knowing that 

you can always tap back into this place whenever and wherever throughout your day.


The more your practice this, the quicker the connection and grounding becomes and the more it roots into your body. It become a daily practice and habit of grounding in and rooting in.

Love always.



Mariah K Lyons