I would like to preface this with the fact that I love stretching. I love it so much. Being that I was a competitive gymnast turned professional dancer, I've had my fair share of "super splits" and stretching too long and too hard that the tears flows. Numerous times. But why do we do it? Why do we need to stretch our bodies? We have all heard that we should stretch before running....or after a workout class...but the truth is that most trainers or people never really stretch all that much..and they seem to be ok? So why should we do it?

For so many reasons.

First lets's discuss the physical effects of stretching:

  1. Increases Blood Circulation + Flow
  2. Stabilizes
  3. Decreases Risk of Injury
  4. Helps to Lower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol
  5. Aids with Balance and Stabilization
  6. Increases Muscle Recovery + Shortens Duration of Muscle Soreness
  7. Increases Energy Levels
  8. Helps with Flexibility (obviously, but still important!)

In addition to the physical benefits of stretching your body, there are many metaphysical benefits as well.

Spiritual and metaphysical benefits of stretching your body:

  • Releases Energetic Blockages in the Body
  • Increases the Flow of Qi/Energy/Lifeforce/Reiki

  • Accesses and Releases Stored Emotions/Memories/Fears

Stretching allows us to access memories, emotions and fears that may be held in our body and it helps to facilitate release. Try and stretch at least once a day. i.e First thing when you wake up, before working out, at your desk, before you go to bed etc. You can always find a few moments to stretch and breathe. Breathe into your muscles, ask what your body is holding onto and what it is ready to release and get your flow on!



Mariah K Lyons