AKA liquid light serum....


For how fascinated I am with the workings of the human body and the "mechanics" of life, I was never one for science class. Maybe it was because science class was always around 10:30am (right after my morning snack **always been a snacker) and growing up in the mountains they would blast the heat, which with a satiated belly, warm room and a lecture taking place (for a hands on learner was less than ideal) it made for a great nap time. HOWEVER, we all remember the basics of plant life and chlorophyll...and now I want to tell you why we need more in our diet and our life. Besides the fact that the emerald green color is divinely stunning. 

The brief:

Chlorophyll is essentially the essence of plant light and the nutrients it receives from carbon dioxide and water. It is the green substance in plants that is pertinent in photosynthesis, which allows plants the ability to absorb energy from light. But why do humans need this in our diet?? 

A multitude of reasons. Here are a few that ring my bell:

1) Detoxification                                                 

Chlorophyll aids in assisting the liver by increasing phase II biotransformational enzymes. These enzymes provide optimal function in the liver which removes bodily toxins. I oftentimes will take chlorophyll in my bag before getting on an airplane, before going out at night as well as any other time I know I will be around environmental toxins or drinking etc. It assists the body in detoxifying and helps the liver to process and cleanse. 

2) Aids in Healing

Studies have been shown that patients given chlorophyll containing ointments for wounds recovered quicker. Chlorophyll lessens and slows the growth of harmful bacteria which aids in  the body's process to quickly recover. 

3) Fights Cancer

Chlorophyll binds to potential carcinogens which prevents their metabolization into the GI tract and interferes with how they are absorbed. Another reason why I will take liquid chlorophyll before going out to dinner or being out and about. 

4) Anit-Inflammatory

Studies have proven chlorophyll to be an incredible agent in reducing inflammation and in fighting bacteria causing inflammation. It has been shown to help treat chronic pain and inflammation in diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

5) Increases Red Blood Cells

Just as chlorophyll is the blood of plants, it helps build and oxygenate red blood cells in humans. It also has the ability to cleanse the blood, and protect against anemia when additional sources of iron are present in diet. 


Natural chlorophyll can be found in certain foods such as green beans, spinach, kale, kiwi, green apples, and can also be taken in liquid synthetic form. Liquid chlorophyll has not been tested on pregnant or lactating women, so please be careful and consult your doctor. 

Liquid light and living off the energy of the sun is where I feel spiritually we are moving to, as in living off of energy from light and higher frequencies, rather than physical food. Anyhow...this green glowing emerald serum of incredible. Try to add some in to your day and daily detox plan.

Happy Glowing.