I love trying and making new natural and green beauty products and when I come across some that I LOVE, I have to share. While I was familiar and already a fan of a of BeautyCounter and French Girl, ALDER New York was new for me. I was really excited to try the brand, and I was really, really excited when I fell in love with their natural dry shampoo. Here are a few of my current natural product loves. 

Why Natural Dry Shampoo??

I am a big fan of French beauty...aka...a more-is-less approach. Washing your hair everyday strips your hair of it's natural oils. When I am teaching yoga and continuing my personal practice, my hair can get a bit "fresh" (dirty), which is why I have always been fan of dry shampoo. I stopped using traditional baby powder a long time ago because of the research indicating talcum powder use as a precursor to certain forms of cancer. This meant that my dry shampoos were also on the "nope" list. I was very excited when I found Alder New York's Texture Powder, which is a perfect natural dry shampoo. The ingredients include essential oils, clay and *********


Spiritually speaking the rose is know as the Queen Flower and has been considered mystical and sacred throughout many lineages. It is a flower of love and is beautifully heart opening. When used topically, rose has a relaxing, soothing, calming feel. Rose is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, moisturizing and tones/tightens the skin. Beauty Counter has a lovely natural spray that is truly enjoyed at any time of day. I love to carry mine with me and de-stress while traveling or in the car (hello traffic). 


Winter can be extremely harsh on our skin and lips, causing dryness and chapping. French Girl Organic's Lip Polish is all natural, smells divine and assists with flaky or dry lips. The rose oil is heavenly and this truly feels like a luxurious lip treatment while on the go. 


Hope you enjoy.



Mariah K Lyons